46 – The Deepest Shade

The Deepest Shade

I know, I know. I am lacking an awesome picture in a scenario. But recently, my computer has been really trashy, so it can’t really handle much on medium; so you’ll have to stay with the detailled version. Forgive me ):

Either way, as Game of Thrones returned to our hearts, so have my inspiration. Once more, I am portraying the work of Inex.Hax from Peqe, in a crazy mix and match to fit a Game of Thrones setting. If you’ve gotten it right; it shouldn’t be hard to imagine where the inspiration came from: Daenerys’ gowns.

Look at this amazing neckline!

I always had some cristicism on Game of Thrones outfitting, because sometimes, I felt like they didn’t truly belong to the medieval setting. But then, it’s also a little bit of fantasy, and since she has some Valyrian flair on her; I can forgive the show outfit creators. Maybe then, the players can forgive me for creating a rather bold outfit, too haha.

Another inspiration; from that over-coat thingy over the skirt 😛

Hopefully folks, a rather straightforward outfit should be enough for you to forgive me for the latest absense. Mama loves you ❤


SKIN: Egozy (Vilda)
SHAPE: Self-made.
EYES:  [Buzz] (Lillian Eyes – Winter)
HAIR 1: Nylon Outfitters (Halo Braid)
HAIR 3: Zibska (Myrna)

GOWN 1: Peqe (Elfy Gown – White NEW AT The Fantasy Collective!)
UNDERSKIRT: Peqe (Mer Skirt – Blue)
SLEEVES: Peqe (Garther Metal Sleeves – Blue COMMON)
BRACERS: Luminary (From the Game of Thrones Gatcha: Tully Bracers – COMMON)
SHOES: a i s l i n g (Hind Shoes – White)


45 – She-wolf


I think one of the greatest challenges of roleplaying is remaining true to your character’s origins. And of course, that goes beyond character actions, personality and phrases. Second Life is a powerful roleplaying tool thanks for it’s visual appeal, and dressing your character as they are is the hardest part – though, what brings the immersion we sought.

Whenever I create a new character, I ensure that the way they dress reflects some inner characteristic. Now that I’m finally giving it a chance and playing a Northern Woman, I figured I would have to take some drastic changes wardrobe sake, in order to fit the genre, and the persona I’m roleplaying as.

She-wolf - DETAILLED

In order to take the House Stark appeal, in invested heavily in browns and whites. I felt like House Stark wouldn’t be much filled with pretty nothings (like all my previous outfits :P), and so, I tried to keep it simple.

But, this post, not only because of the simplicity, is different than the others, but because I went out of my comfort zone.

This skin is from an amazing creator I knew not, Egozy. I met her as I merrily went through the Skin Fair, and it was an instant crush. I really like the shadows of her skin, and the way she beautifully textured the SLink hands. Another amazinf thing is the price of the skin, only 800L, AND the skin comes with all eyebrow shades, moles, all appliers you can imagine, cleavages, and… And even a pair of mesh ears designed by Egozy itself! For the bargain of 800L and the stunning quality of her products, I’m begging you to buy from her.

Another honorable mention is on these eyes. Since I am playing a Stark, I am forced to go for our gray eyes, but this creator has a talent on color picking. I urge you to try it as well, given the uniqueness. The brand is known as [Buzz].

MESH HANDS: SLink (Mesh Hands elegant)
EYES: [Buzz] (Lillian Eyes – Winter)
HAIR 1: Nylon Outfitters (Halo Braid)
HAIR 2: Amacci (Mexi)
HAIRBASE 2: Amacci
GOWN: Peqe (Rough Princess Gown)
CHEST STRAPS: Peqe (Chest Straps)
FUR: Enfant Terrible (Vintage Furs)

44 – Revered


I know I haven’t been blogging for a month, but I do have some good excuses this time!

First of all, as some of you are aware of, I am a frustratred brazilian trying to get my ass on university. Our system is slightly different than usual, we have to do these screwed up tests in order to get approved, no matter how old you are. This year, I was approved on Rio’s University – but it was not the one I wanted. And so, I got my ass back on studies so I am approved on my dream university – USP (University of São Paulo) or UFMG (University of Minas Gerais). Yeah. Fuck my life.

At first, everything was kinda ballanced, until I had to move. My new house is amazing, right in front of a beautiful waterfall… But without internet. So I moved like, once more, so I could get my ass on a place I can study better, with more civilization. Moving two times in a row? Well, that can take your time.

Lastly, but not leastly, I got a kidney infection. It was really ugly, and I had to be internet on hospital for around two weeks. And I was high most of the time due the drugs they gave me. Hooray.

But now, I believe I am finally back in business. Studying my ass off, but there shall always be time for a little bit of Game of Thrones, roleplaying and fashion.

Hence, why I bring you all this new outfit!


At first, I wasn’t completely sure of Peqe’s new gown, mostly because of the cut. Not completely medieval, BUT, you all know how much I love to take modern pieces and suit them into a Game of Throne-ish setting.

All I had to do was suit the gown with this amazing cloak – also from our Goddess Inex.Hax.

But I want to talk about the Mirel Gown. Inex seldom released gowns with unusual textures, and gods, I was amazed with this one. I am not a big fan of sparkly, but once again, she convinced me of liking… And I couldn’t help but compare it with the dress Ariel from Little Mermaid wears in the end, when Triton turns her into a human ❤

That’s so fucking adorable.

I shall not make any more comments on Modern.Couture amazing jewelry, and let you folks take a look on the necklace I am wearing – once more. It made the outfit come to life, and as all of their amazing jewelry, a must have on Medieval or Game of Thrones setting.

EYES: IKON (Destiny Eyes – Ice)
MESH HANDS AND FEET: SLink Mesh Hands elegant)
HAIR 1: Sugarsmack (Elan)
HAIR 2: Zibska (Myrna)
GOWN: Peqe (Mirel Gown  – Mint)
CLOAK: Peqe (Secret Cloak –  As High As Honor – COMMON)
JEWELRY:  [Modern.Couture] (Absinthe)
FLATS: Zaara (Illaida Mjori – Navy) -> Not an addOn to the Feet, I had to do some tweaking.

43 – Quiet fury.

Quiet fury.

While all of my outfits could be wore on the Game of Thrones setting, it has been awhile since I last posted a literal outfit inspired in some GoT aspect. And I was surprised when I noticed that I was assembling an outfit inspired on House Baratheon, one I don’t really have all the fawning over to.

Except of course, if we think in young Robert, or Stannis. Even Renly. I really like some aspects of the Baratheon brothers; Robert’s viciousness, Renly’s chilvary but mostly Stannis awesomeness. Because honestly, when I think in an adjective for Stannis, all that comes to my mind is ‘awesome’. Kingly too, but hey, better not to take sides in here.

Quiet Fury - DETAILLED

Once more, I blame myself and Inex.Hax for the awesomeness of this outfit. Most clothing pieces are from our amazing Peqe, but I don’t feel guilty at all. With her release of Elwen, Inex had challenged me to make something medieval/game of thron-ish out of it. I have to say, I didn’t even think about it at first, and wasn’t really going to blog it until she used the word -challenge-. I can’t back off from it. And so, I think it is fair enough to have a pic of how the dress looks like without my amazing additions.

PEQE - Elwen

Perhaps this is a lesson, that people, mostly bloggers, shouldn’t underestimate a new release. It was a delightful challenge that turned out into quite the outfit.

The Bali Shrug, also from Peqe, was a very important piece for the look. It has some Indian appeal by itself, but when matched with other concepts, it can and should look Game of Thron-ish enough, considering all the influences. It also helps on covering the arms some, and since I don’t picture a Stormlander wearing her wee arms off, it was necessary to create a more sober look.

The Mer Skirt, also from Peqe, was one of the tricky pieces to make the overall look medieval. Personally, I am a great fan of the use of skirts and underskirts, it adds up for a more ‘heavy’ look that I can imagine someone from the Baratheon house wearing.

Now, to build up the heavy, stoic and respectable look I was seeking for House Baratheon, I picked an old piece, that is a modesty layer from Arwen’s Creations. While I wouldn’t usually recomend buying the whole outfit for just the modesty, I still think that it is a good buy. The texture is amazing, and the golden trim makes it more contrasting over the black – while also representing the Baratheon colors – Black and Gold.

Lastly, but not least, I have to talk about this circlet. Of all the pieces upon the outfit, it was this circlet that honestly created the medieval look; and without, it could perhaps, look way to conceptual.

EYES: IKON (Kaleido Eyes – Molten)
MESH HANDS: SLink Mesh Hands elegant)
HAIR 1: Nylon Outfitters (Halo Braid)
HAIR 2: Zibska (Myrna)
Hair 3: UNORTHODOX & XODORU (Frenchie)
DRESS: Peqe (Elwen Black –AT The Fantasy Collective)
SHRUG: Peqe (Bali Shrug – Black)
SKIRT: Peqe (Mer Skirt – Yellow)
UNDERSHIRT: **Arwen’s Creations** (Guilia Undershirt – Giulia Gown)
CIRCLET: Wimey (Golden Mistique Circlet)

42 – Sweetness


It seems that, as of late, I’ve grown too attached to the sweetest things; such as pink strapless gowns, flower wreaths and bouquets. And as such, this outfit is yet another one inspired by these sweet things of second life…

Sweetness - DETAILLED

…Like the newest gown from Peqe, named Olwen. Usually, I go straight for the darkest collors, like red, black or just white, but I saw myself in pink and actually enjoying it. The texture is pretty good – like most of Peqe’s – and they are filled with those amazing foldings that are impossible to do on mesh, and yet she does. It is to be avaliable on The Secret Afair, and truthfully, is completely worth the buy.

The wreath I am wearing is from a gatcha. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with gatchas, this time I got what I wanted on first buy, the Hortensia Crown from LODE. Each flower has been molded and it’s particularly pretty, with amazing textures. The piece can be found at the Chapter Four; and maybe you’ll be as lucky as me and get it on the first hit (:

Lastly, I felt like a bouquet was needed to wrap the style. Boudoir, one of my favorite shops from Second Life furniture-wise had this one; and considering it’s matching to the scenario, it was, once again worth the buy!

EYES: IKON (Eternal Eyes – Orchid)
MESH HANDS: SLink Mesh Hands elegant)
HAIR: Analog Dog (Aeris)
GOWN: Peqe (Owlen – Pink –AVALIABLE AT The Secret Affair)
CROWN: LODE (Hortensia Crown –AVALIABLE AT The Chapter Four)
BOUQUET: Boudoir (“Love you baby” bouquet – found at marketplace)

41 – It’s a long way down

It's a long way down

It’s been some time since I created my blog, and seldom have I given a try to less maidenly, lady-sh looks. And thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if my first more -warrior like- outfit still has some classy feel. Perhaps, what Lady Éowyn of Rohan would wear if she weren’t so worried with her safety and yes to her wardrobe; for while we have a shitload of armor in there, I don’t really think they’re that efective protection wise.

It's a long way down - Detailled

This outfit would never be what it is without the amazing corset from Eudora! It is still avaliable at We ❤ RP, and It has three pieces, the top, the corset itself and some sort of corset skirt. It is versatile, and I totally recomend it! Another honorable mention is upon the amazing boots from Lassitude & Ennui, whose golden details made all the difference.

It is the outfit made for a noble, but fighting woman. Maybe a lady who wants to seem to be fighting a lot… But really doesn’t.

EYES: IKON (Kaleido Eyes – Molten)
MESH HANDS: SLink Mesh Hands elegant)
HAIR 1: Sugarsmack (Elan)
HAIR 2: Zibska (Myrna)
CORSET: Eudora (Arica Corset – Black –AT We ❤ RP)
ARMOR: The Forge (Eldar Armor – Gold)
BOOTS: Lassitude & Ennui (Embroidered Boots – Black)

40 – Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Wear some flowers in your hair

Something rather different than what I’m used to, I decided to go for a rather bucolic look on this post. Blame my newly found pleasure for gardening IRL, or just the fact that I am giving it a chance for more colorful looks; this look, although made to fit the Game of Thrones genre is inspired in a rather known song: San Francisco.

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair - DETAILLED

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I am once more wearing a skin from New Faces. Giving finally a chance to other tunes, this one is Faye in Ivory, rather than the pale I have portrayed in other posts. Not only this is a skin of amazing quality; the addition of the beauty spots from [La Baguette] gave the air of subtle sweetness that I had been looking for.

As for the gown, I had rarely blogged about this brand, and being one of my favorites, I thought it was about time.  That is a rather old release from a shop named Apsara, and they are known for releasing gowns with a rather Indian pattern. As a lover of these, and a wearer of these IRL, I had to have one portrayed on the outfit.

I should also mention this amazing hair from Little Bones. I am surprised that I didn’t know the brand before the post “Darkened”, but now that I do; wow. These guys are amazing, and their hair textures are to die for. Definitively one worth all the lindens.

Last, but not least, the two acessories that made the outfit what it is; The Vert necklace from Junbug and the BOOM flowers that I have portrayed in here sometimes before are what brough it all to life.

SKIN: New Faces (Faye – Ivory)
BEAUTY SPOTS: [La Baguette] (Beauty Spots 2 – Found at Marketplace)
EYES: IKON (Hope Eyes – Denim)
MESH HANDS: SLink (Mesh Hands Elegant)
HAIR: Little Bones (Sea Foam)
GOWN: Apsara (Sabah – Green)
NECKLACE: Junbug (Grecian Goddess Necklace – Vert – COMMON)
FLOWERS: BOOM (Nature’s Crown Gatcha – Spring Mix)