46 – The Deepest Shade

The Deepest Shade

I know, I know. I am lacking an awesome picture in a scenario. But recently, my computer has been really trashy, so it can’t really handle much on medium; so you’ll have to stay with the detailled version. Forgive me ):

Either way, as Game of Thrones returned to our hearts, so have my inspiration. Once more, I am portraying the work of Inex.Hax from Peqe, in a crazy mix and match to fit a Game of Thrones setting. If you’ve gotten it right; it shouldn’t be hard to imagine where the inspiration came from: Daenerys’ gowns.

Look at this amazing neckline!

I always had some cristicism on Game of Thrones outfitting, because sometimes, I felt like they didn’t truly belong to the medieval setting. But then, it’s also a little bit of fantasy, and since she has some Valyrian flair on her; I can forgive the show outfit creators. Maybe then, the players can forgive me for creating a rather bold outfit, too haha.

Another inspiration; from that over-coat thingy over the skirt 😛

Hopefully folks, a rather straightforward outfit should be enough for you to forgive me for the latest absense. Mama loves you ❤


SKIN: Egozy (Vilda)
SHAPE: Self-made.
EYES:  [Buzz] (Lillian Eyes – Winter)
HAIR 1: Nylon Outfitters (Halo Braid)
HAIR 3: Zibska (Myrna)

GOWN 1: Peqe (Elfy Gown – White NEW AT The Fantasy Collective!)
UNDERSKIRT: Peqe (Mer Skirt – Blue)
SLEEVES: Peqe (Garther Metal Sleeves – Blue COMMON)
BRACERS: Luminary (From the Game of Thrones Gatcha: Tully Bracers – COMMON)
SHOES: a i s l i n g (Hind Shoes – White)


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